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Hands in the Soil

Wegis & Young conducts agricultural feasibility studies that analyze the concept, and evaluate the physical and financial developing of viable operating farms.  These feasibility studies are primarily done in conjunction with governments and local sponsors. Specifically, they focus on Africa, the Middle East, as well as many other underdeveloped Eastern European Countries.

We also act as advisors to major companies, investors, and governments drawing on our in-house expertise, “on-the-ground” experience, and extensive network to:

1. Evaluate investments and carry out due diligence

  • Identify, develop, and assess investment opportunities for investors

  • Develop investable business plans

  • Conduct commercial, technical, and ESG due-diligence

2. Identify market entry and development opportunities

  • Identify priority markets

  • Develop market entry and market growth strategies for business or products

  • Develop business and financial models for projects and businesses

3. Improve supply chains and business systems

  • Map and improve food value chains

  • Assess product-level costs, working capital needs, resourcing, compliance, and risks

  • Improve supply chain resilience

  • Reduce cost to serve

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