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Our Team is essential to protecting your asset base while balancing risks and returns and being good stewards of your resources. We mitigate risks inherent to the industry and obtain and expand returns from the ownership of agricultural land and businesses through a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Our scale allows us to pass savings on to you, not otherwise realized in simple ownership. 


Wegis & Young provides a full array of asset management services, ranging from basic property management to comprehensive operations and business management.  We take on the tasks you will need to make your investment one that can be generational.  We farm our client's land like we farm our own.  

Arial View of Green Field
Arial View of Green Field



Agricultural Asset Management Services include:

  • Short and long-range business planning

  • Identification and acquisition of financing

  • Procurement of inputs, with the benefit of our size and scale

  • Day-to-day management of cultural operations, labor, and machinery

  • Managerial accounting and bookkeeping

  • Project management in development of capital improvements

  • Local, state, and federal regulatory compliance

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